Friday, June 2, 2017

Pintucks, the easy way

   I'm trying to come up with new things to teach at BERNINA Club this fall.  I found this great pattern from We All Sew.... a pin tucked headband.

BERNINA has several presser feet for making pin tucks, but 46C is my favorite.

46C has 4 grooves in it, which allows you to perfectly space your pin tucks.  I marked one line on my fabric strip,  and then I attached my 46C foot and the pin tuck cording attachment

This allows you to make your pin tuck over cording.   
I put a 3.0 twin needle on my machine.  Threaded it, and told my machine I was using it..
Then it was easy,  I stitched down my drawn line making my first pin tuck, then I put my first pin tuck in the end groove of the foot and made another one,  Perfectly straight and evenly spaced.

Here is how the cording attachment works

and there you have it, four evenly spaced pin tucks.  
But wait, there is more.  I took off the twin needle, and put in a single needle.  I added a layer of stitch and tear stabilizer underneath, chose a decorative stitch, and lined up my 46C foot, with the two inner grooves.

My decorative stitch fit perfectly in the space between the pin tucks.  
I added two more rows... and I'm done, ready to finish my headband

Think about all the places you can use this, pouches, bags, little kids clothing, pillows, table runners, napkins, etc etc etc.  
Happy Sewing!   

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