Saturday, April 1, 2017

another project

What is it about us sewers and quilters?  We start one project.... then another and another.
Right now I am doing:    
1.  Pat Sloan's Winter Solstice challenge blocks...
I'm doing red and white.... each Wednesday we get a new block, ending on the first day of Summer.  
2.  Pat Sloan's Children's Library challenge blocks
How could I not do this challenge?  I taught kindergarten for 30 years.  I love children's books.  One block a month.
3.The new BERNINA Block of the Month... starts today.  I don't have my fabrics yet.  :). 
4.  And now.  Farm Girl Vinrtage.
My friend Peggy said she was starting this quilt. 
Farm Girl Vintage is a book written by Lori Holt. I love her quilts, fabrics, everything.  
So when Peggy said she was doing it, I jumped in too.  After all its more fun to do it with a friend.  We shopped till we dropped getting vintage looking happy fabrics, and off we go.  
You can do the 12 inch blocks or 6 inch block.  We are doing 6 inch blocks.
That means smaller pieces, and more precision piecing. .
First step cutting, and major organization
Call me the queen of post it notes.  Lori Holt uses a lot of snowball corners in her pieces.  That means sewing on the diagonal, that means corners that get eaten.  
Not with my BERNINA, I put on my straight stitch throat plate.  Sews those diagonal seams like a dream.   I am using my Sew Straight gadget from Quilt in a day, so I don't have to mark all my lines.  and my presser foot 34D.  I line up the corner with the line on my foot

Perfect piecing. Stay tuned, I'll post the block when it's finished. 
Happy Sewing everyone

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