Friday, April 7, 2017

button button who's got the button

   Before I was a quilter, I did do some garment sewing.  I used to dread doing buttons and buttonholes, but then I got my BERNINA and that all changed.  My BERNINA allows me to measure my button on the screen and then set the size of the buttonhole.  After I sew the first buttonhole, the machine remembers what I did and does all of the buttonholes the exact same size.

How to cut open your buttonhole?   Well you can use your seam ripper, but if you aren't careful, you can cut right through your end stitches....( ask me how I know that).  My favorite way is to use the BERNINA buttonhole cutter... You put the block under the buttonhole, place the knife inside the buttonhole and gently rock it as you push down.   Cuts it perfectly every time!  
Yes, that is Froot Loop fabric.... it's a smock to wear at work.  :). 
You can get the buttonhole cutter through your BERNINA dealer.  
Great accessory to have!  
Happy Sewing.  

Saturday, April 1, 2017

another project

What is it about us sewers and quilters?  We start one project.... then another and another.
Right now I am doing:    
1.  Pat Sloan's Winter Solstice challenge blocks...
I'm doing red and white.... each Wednesday we get a new block, ending on the first day of Summer.  
2.  Pat Sloan's Children's Library challenge blocks
How could I not do this challenge?  I taught kindergarten for 30 years.  I love children's books.  One block a month.
3.The new BERNINA Block of the Month... starts today.  I don't have my fabrics yet.  :). 
4.  And now.  Farm Girl Vinrtage.
My friend Peggy said she was starting this quilt. 
Farm Girl Vintage is a book written by Lori Holt. I love her quilts, fabrics, everything.  
So when Peggy said she was doing it, I jumped in too.  After all its more fun to do it with a friend.  We shopped till we dropped getting vintage looking happy fabrics, and off we go.  
You can do the 12 inch blocks or 6 inch block.  We are doing 6 inch blocks.
That means smaller pieces, and more precision piecing. .
First step cutting, and major organization
Call me the queen of post it notes.  Lori Holt uses a lot of snowball corners in her pieces.  That means sewing on the diagonal, that means corners that get eaten.  
Not with my BERNINA, I put on my straight stitch throat plate.  Sews those diagonal seams like a dream.   I am using my Sew Straight gadget from Quilt in a day, so I don't have to mark all my lines.  and my presser foot 34D.  I line up the corner with the line on my foot

Perfect piecing. Stay tuned, I'll post the block when it's finished. 
Happy Sewing everyone