Monday, March 6, 2017

oh gather thee

In my other world, I work at a day care center.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays I spend my day doing puzzles, coloring, helping with clay, paint, and our new favorite thing, glue sticks.  The 2 year old program I work in ends at 12:30, and then I am assigned to go cover lunches, which means being in the classroom during nap time.  I've noticed several children have quilts, crocheted blankets, or their original hospital blanket, but they all want a pillow.  Many of them have mastered the art of folding a second blanket into a rectangle which they use as a pillow.   This gave me an idea.

I was trying to come up with a project for our April BERNINA Club.  The topic is gathering.
Then I thought, what about a pillowcase with a ruffle? I grabbed some old fabric and tried it.  
When I first learned to sew, I hated gathering.  You had to sew with a very long stitch, then gently pull the threads to draw up the gathers.. and then right before you were done..... the thread would break.  I hated gathering anything
Then I discovered my BERNINA makes it so much easier.

I will admit when I first looked at this attachment, I thought... oh no, no way, no how am I putting that scary looking thing on my machine... I'll break it, I'll break the machine, something awful will happen.  Then I watched a few You Tube videos and got my courage up.  Now it is my favorite attachment of all.  
You can adjust it to make a very tight gathered piece or a loosely gathered piece.
You can add a ruffle to a pillow, a pouch, a bag, skirt, anything at all.
Now, how many of these pillowcases will I need to make.... 
Happy sewing everyone

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