Saturday, March 25, 2017

flap your wings and fly

  2 months from tomorrow is my son's wedding.   I'm chugging along on projects here.  The big project is the double wedding ring quilt.

I have finished two rows of the "rings".  I was getting bored, so I switched to doing one of the borders.  I'm echoing the flower and the leaves, then using my BERNINA rulers to sew straight lines in the background.  I love the way it looks, so old and antique, just the look I wanted.  Not sure if I will have it finished by the wedding.  I'm just going to keep working slowly and carefully.  When it's done it's done. :). 
Project #2-  my dress.  It's done, just needs to be hemmed.  now I have to start the matching jacket.  
My BERNINA 780 and foot #10- the edge stitch foot did a wonderful job on the facings.   I'm going to add some machine embroidery to the jacket.  Stay tuned for that. 
Project #3- the clutch-
It's made from lace and trim from my mom's wedding dress and veil.  Her dress had confetti inside the lace and lining, so I put it in my clutch.  When I was a little girl I remember looking at her dress and seeing the confetti still inside it.  
Project #4-  I'm not sure about this one, but I want to make myself an old fashioned handkerchief
.  I bought a piece of white fabric, kind of like a thin linen.   Then I pulled out something I haven't used in a long time.  The wing needle.

The wing needle is a needle you use for heirloom sewing.  It punches holes into your fabric as you sew, creating a beautiful design.  I wasn't sure what stitches to try, no worries there, I used the built in help guide on my 780, looked in the section on needles, and there was a whole write up on wing needles.  It listed 3 stitches to try.   I cut a small strip of my fabric, got some stitch and tear stabilizer
and off I went.  

I tried the 3 stitches here, on my 780 it is stitch 701, 702 and 8.  I'm going to cut a square of this fabric, narrow hem the edges, then use one of these stitches around all 4 sides of the handkerchief.
Maybe I will embroider the date on it.
I better get back to work, time's a ticking here.  
Happy sewing

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