Thursday, March 9, 2017

BERNINA Club....

Each month I teach BERNINA Club at Pins and Needles in Mt Kisco NY.  It is my favorite days of the month.   I chose a topic to help my students learn more about their machines.   When you purchase a BERNINA you have a guide lesson, which goes over the features of the machine.  BERNINA Machines have so many features, stitches, functions, etc, that sometimes it is hard to remember them all and when you can use them.  BERNINA Club is a chance to learn more about your machine.  Kind of like a refresher course with lots of new material thrown in for good measure.
You get a chance to learn about new accessories, new feet, new machines, plus all the upcoming events at your dealer.   When you purchase a BERNINA, you aren't just purchasing a machine, you are also purchasing a dealer.  Someone who will be there when you need help, someone who can answer your questions, help you take care of your machine, and help you grow as a sewer.
Best part of BERNINA Club-  you meet other people who love their machines as much as you do.

Last night we learned about all the amazing decorative stitches that the machines have.  We learned how to combine stitches, how to use our presser foot to line things up, how to use the built in alphabets, and how to use the circular embroidery attachment.  
Some BERNINA clubs are a playtime... last night was one of those.  I gave them time to try all different stitches and functions, without making any certain project.  Other times I try to have a project that they can do to go with our topic of the month.  Next month we are going to learn about gathering.  I'll show them how to add a ruffle to a pillowcase, and a dishtowel;.   
No matter what our topic is.... we always have fun.
Hope you will join us soon
Happy Sewing

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  1. I would love be this, gonna have to buy me another new Bernina so I can participate