Thursday, February 2, 2017

the little machine that could

  My 780 is still at the "spa".    Yes I wrote to my dealer to make sure it was ok, ( I felt like I was writing to my kids at camp).  I'm trying to get ready for lots of classes and events, all BERNINA related, so they have to be special.  I wasn't feeling good karma.....
Last night I tried to make my own pasta.... my pasta machine arrived.... this was the result...

I cleaned up the flour, put the machine back in the box... went into my BERNINA.  I wonder if I would do better if BERNINA made a pasta machine?  
My future daughter in law asked for some pink hats.  I can't say no to her, so sure I'll make 5 hats.  
I don't sew with fleece at all, I was a little worried about it.  My 550 sewed through it with no problem at all.  One hat took 5 minutes to sew, easy peasy.  

This morning I started working on a pouch I am making from the We all sew website....
That's what it looks like on the pattern,  I had to make it mine somehow.  
If I had my 780...... I started to think to myself.  Then I looked at my 550.  That machine has plenty of decorative stitches.  It has al the same functions, mirror image, pattern begin, pattern end, pattern repeat.... So I started playing
This is my pouch so far.

It's like eating potato chips, I can't stop stitching.  I find another stitch, and another stitch, and then gee, how can I combine them.... I get in the zone, it's calming, I just guide the fabric, I use my presser foot to keep it straight, but I let the machine do the work.  
 It sure is the little machine that could.
and yes, I finished my heart.... Not perfect, I learned a lot.  As you can see, my cat Phoebe loves it.

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