Thursday, February 23, 2017

if at first you don't fricaseee, fry fry again

I worked for a long time on the little basket yesterday...  The pattern said to do 8 circles of decorative stitches.... well when I got to the 6th circle, I noticed it was as flat as it had been,  but it worked.  Then on the 7th circle.... it was really wavy.  I stopped... I skipped the 8th round and set it up to put the lining in.... Oh it wasn't pretty.  It was waving in the wind,  I tried using a different stabilizer, nope!    My beautiful little circle turned into this....
Thread started breaking, it was time to stop.  Even my cat Phoebe knew it was time to give it up mom
She never sits in my lap, yesterday she did.
I turned off the machine.  I didn't clean up, I just left the mess and walked away.  I tried to make homemade ravioli... well that didn't work either.  
This morning I went in the sewing room, cleaned it up and started over.  This time I starched my fabric, used a different stabilizer, and all is well once again.
I wanted to use the same stitches I used yesterday. Instead of searching through the stitch menu, I used the history function on my machine.  It remembers the last stitches I used... There they all were

I did 7 circles of stitching.   I do have room for one more, 
Here is what I learned. Mistakes are ok.  That's how we learn what to do.
I used the wrong stabilizer, it wasn't stiff enough for this project.  It wasn't my machine it was me. 
It's always good to do a sample first.  Then you learn what to do and what not to do. 
Stay tuned.   I will finish this basket.

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