Friday, February 3, 2017

home again

I picked up my 780 Ahhh, so got busy this morning.
1.  Finished this boxy pouch from We All Sew

 I am going to make it again, but this time I will do the decorative stitching all along the top fabric.  I wasn't sure how this was going to all come together,  I like it, the pattern was new to me, so I had to pay attention to pictures and directions.  I want to do it again I like the shape.   Really love the fact that it is lined on the inside, no visible seams.

Once that was finished, I decided that it was time to make my bag for my spinning shoes.  I grabbed a bunch of threads, and a piece of white fabric.   I added a piece of heavyweight cut away stabilizer to put under it.  Anytime you use your decorative stitches, add a piece of stabilizer.  It helps your stitches lay nice and flat and look their best.

This is a bag from Terry Atkinson's new book. Simple Fun and Quickly Done.
I love Terry Atkinson books and patterns.  This bag is a drawstring bag.  I am going to piece the strip of decorative stitching with other fabrics to make the bag.  I'll make sure my finished size is the size she says, and then finish up the bag following her wonderful directions.  Stay tuned.... I'll post pictures when it is finished.  
Happy Sewing everyone.

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