Sunday, February 5, 2017

hearts all around

 It's February, Groundhog Day is over, so it's time to get ready for Valentine's Day.... Thanks to the We All Sew website, I found this easy project.   Valentine Candy Box Mug Rug

I'm giving this with the I love you, mug to my future daughter in law, who loves mugs!  If you are just learning free motion quilting, this is a great project to practice on.  Choose a busy fabric, your mistakes won't show, and you will have an adorable gift.    I bought a heart shaped box of candy, found some valentine fabric in the back of the cupboard, and went to town.  If you don't have valentine fabric, use any red, pink, or purple fabric.  Anything will work just fine.
I did discover a new stitch on my machine... the triple straight stitch...
Here is a video on it from Heirloom creations.   As you see the machine sews over the stitch several times, which makes it stand out.  I used my #10 edge stitch foot to topstitch around the heart.  Then I chose a decorative stitch to kind of echo quilt.  I used my #34D foot for that stitching.  It's a clear foot that allows me to see what part of the stitch I am on when I need to turn a corner, or go around a curve.
This is the foot I used on this project.... 
Stay tuned to see that one.  Happy Sewing and Happy Super Bowl day

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