Saturday, February 25, 2017

going on a bear hunt.....

I was so thrilled yesterday when my mail delivery brought me two envelopes from RARE Science... each containing the Rare Science fabric for my bears paws and the ID Tag for his back. Got up early, and got back to work on my bear.
I was a little worried about putting on the bottom of the feet, but they went on smoothly.  The rest of the bear was easy to sew.

I love the RARE Science logo fabric.  
Here is his tag... with his ID number. When the bear is finished I will register him with the RARE Bear website.  
Add a little stuffing....

Time for some surgery... to stitch up the stuffing openings
I like the way the bear sits. I have to get some black pearl cotton today so I can embroider his eyes and nose on. Nice part of that is, they give you directions on how to do it.  
Can't wait to finish him up.  
Stay tuned.
Happy Sewing

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