Sunday, February 19, 2017

and she loved a little boy

It's ready to be quilted.  The last leaf was appliquéd this morning, ( and I had 2 inches of bobbin thread to spare).  I took a picture,
Had to stand on a chair, but I did it.  Then I decided, it's going in a quilt show.
I went online to fill out the paperwork for the Northern Star Quilt Guild show. category, check, size, check, colors, check...... Name of quilt.  
That stopped me dead in my tracks. What do I call it?
My legacy, my best friend for the last 365 days, my most prized quilt ever, ....
I went online and looked for ideas.... I found this quote
And she loved a little boy
very very much
Even more than she loved
Shel Silverstien.  
It's from one of my favorite children's books.  The Giving Tree.
So the quilt is called, And she loved a little boy. 
I wil layer it tomorrow.  Then off to my BERNINA Q20 it will go.  
I am so lucky that Carolina Asmussen, gave me ideas of how to quilt it. I will share my progress as I go along.  
I hate that this quilt is all pieced, I will miss our morning time together. Today I will go to my 780, clean out the lint, give him some oil, wind a new bobbin, change the needle and start something new. Everytime I start a new project, that is what I do to my BERNINA... kind of like warming us up for our new project!  
Happy Sewing everyone

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