Tuesday, February 7, 2017

an oldie but a goodie

I finished the last of the 2 baby quilts for the twins.  There sat my BERNINA Q20 with nothing to quilt.  I went into my closet where I keep my quilts and pulled out this oldie but goodie.
 This is only part of it, I don't have a big enough space in my house to open it all up.  It's a Moda University Quilt Kit... I remember sending it out to have it "basted " by a long arm quilter, and starting to quilt it on my BERNINA 200....  The center is quilted, the first border is quilted.  Then it got put away.  I pulled it out... opened it up,   It was even too big for my Q20, so I put one of the leafs in it.... ( like we do at Thanksgiving when company comes).

I am using my rulers on the little four patch blocks, and doing free hand feathers in the large squares. All that is left to figure out is the 3 inch border around the outside... 
Quilting this "monster", is now fun, I have plenty of room to maneuver the quilt, it sews like a dream, and I'm not stopping every 3 inches or so to move the quilt or adjust it.  I love my BERNINA Q20. I'm glad I pulled this quilt out again, now I will finish it and enjoy the process.  

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