Friday, February 24, 2017

a tisket a tasket, I finished the basket

After making a few changes, sewing a dart instead of a small seam, to turn the circle into a basket, I am done.
I'm very happy and crossing my fingers the bride likes it.  The bridesmaids are wearing sky blue... I am going to make the ring bearer pillow out of the same blue and white.  
I learned a new skill making this.  How to turn a strip of fabric into a ribbon with rolled hem edges.
I cut a strip 2 inches wide, and put on my #30 foot
I chose a zig zag stitch, 3.6 width, 1/5 length
I lined up the edge of the strip with the inside edge of the right toe of the foot
Then sewed slowly at first.  Then I went a bit quicker.  The foot rolls the edge over, while the machine zig zags the edge.  
A beautiful rolled hem edge.

On to the pillow.... time to get out the embroidery module... 
Happy Sewing everyone

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