Saturday, February 25, 2017

going on a bear hunt.....

I was so thrilled yesterday when my mail delivery brought me two envelopes from RARE Science... each containing the Rare Science fabric for my bears paws and the ID Tag for his back. Got up early, and got back to work on my bear.
I was a little worried about putting on the bottom of the feet, but they went on smoothly.  The rest of the bear was easy to sew.

I love the RARE Science logo fabric.  
Here is his tag... with his ID number. When the bear is finished I will register him with the RARE Bear website.  
Add a little stuffing....

Time for some surgery... to stitch up the stuffing openings
I like the way the bear sits. I have to get some black pearl cotton today so I can embroider his eyes and nose on. Nice part of that is, they give you directions on how to do it.  
Can't wait to finish him up.  
Stay tuned.
Happy Sewing

Friday, February 24, 2017

a tisket a tasket, I finished the basket

After making a few changes, sewing a dart instead of a small seam, to turn the circle into a basket, I am done.
I'm very happy and crossing my fingers the bride likes it.  The bridesmaids are wearing sky blue... I am going to make the ring bearer pillow out of the same blue and white.  
I learned a new skill making this.  How to turn a strip of fabric into a ribbon with rolled hem edges.
I cut a strip 2 inches wide, and put on my #30 foot
I chose a zig zag stitch, 3.6 width, 1/5 length
I lined up the edge of the strip with the inside edge of the right toe of the foot
Then sewed slowly at first.  Then I went a bit quicker.  The foot rolls the edge over, while the machine zig zags the edge.  
A beautiful rolled hem edge.

On to the pillow.... time to get out the embroidery module... 
Happy Sewing everyone

Thursday, February 23, 2017

if at first you don't fricaseee, fry fry again

I worked for a long time on the little basket yesterday...  The pattern said to do 8 circles of decorative stitches.... well when I got to the 6th circle, I noticed it was as flat as it had been,  but it worked.  Then on the 7th circle.... it was really wavy.  I stopped... I skipped the 8th round and set it up to put the lining in.... Oh it wasn't pretty.  It was waving in the wind,  I tried using a different stabilizer, nope!    My beautiful little circle turned into this....
Thread started breaking, it was time to stop.  Even my cat Phoebe knew it was time to give it up mom
She never sits in my lap, yesterday she did.
I turned off the machine.  I didn't clean up, I just left the mess and walked away.  I tried to make homemade ravioli... well that didn't work either.  
This morning I went in the sewing room, cleaned it up and started over.  This time I starched my fabric, used a different stabilizer, and all is well once again.
I wanted to use the same stitches I used yesterday. Instead of searching through the stitch menu, I used the history function on my machine.  It remembers the last stitches I used... There they all were

I did 7 circles of stitching.   I do have room for one more, 
Here is what I learned. Mistakes are ok.  That's how we learn what to do.
I used the wrong stabilizer, it wasn't stiff enough for this project.  It wasn't my machine it was me. 
It's always good to do a sample first.  Then you learn what to do and what not to do. 
Stay tuned.   I will finish this basket.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

round and round we go....

I'll admit I am addicted to BERNINA gadgets.  I think I have almost all of them.  
One of my favorites is the BERNINA circular attachment, #83
I'm using it right now to make a basket for the flower girl to carry at my son's wedding.  At least I hope so.  The bride has something else in mind... but I'm going to make it anyway.  If she doesn't like it, I'll bring it to my BERNINA dealer to use as a sample.  
The circular attachment is easy to use...   How to use the circular attachment

This is what I have so far... It's fun choosing different decorative stitches 
Stay tuned, I'll post more picture as I finish this up.  
Happy Sewing

Sunday, February 19, 2017

and she loved a little boy

It's ready to be quilted.  The last leaf was appliqu├ęd this morning, ( and I had 2 inches of bobbin thread to spare).  I took a picture,
Had to stand on a chair, but I did it.  Then I decided, it's going in a quilt show.
I went online to fill out the paperwork for the Northern Star Quilt Guild show. category, check, size, check, colors, check...... Name of quilt.  
That stopped me dead in my tracks. What do I call it?
My legacy, my best friend for the last 365 days, my most prized quilt ever, ....
I went online and looked for ideas.... I found this quote
And she loved a little boy
very very much
Even more than she loved
Shel Silverstien.  
It's from one of my favorite children's books.  The Giving Tree.
So the quilt is called, And she loved a little boy. 
I wil layer it tomorrow.  Then off to my BERNINA Q20 it will go.  
I am so lucky that Carolina Asmussen, gave me ideas of how to quilt it. I will share my progress as I go along.  
I hate that this quilt is all pieced, I will miss our morning time together. Today I will go to my 780, clean out the lint, give him some oil, wind a new bobbin, change the needle and start something new. Everytime I start a new project, that is what I do to my BERNINA... kind of like warming us up for our new project!  
Happy Sewing everyone

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Rare Bears

BERNINA is helping sponsor a great event Rare Bears   The Rare Bear program is put on by Rare Science.  Rare Science is dedicated to finding cures for rare childhood diseases.   Quilters and sewers are asked to create bears, which are then placed in the arms of these children.  Each bear is tagged and the makers name and email are recorded, so when the bear is placed, you are notified of where your bear went and how much it is being loved.

The Bears are not hard to make, and it's a great way to use up your fabric scraps.  
I am making 2 right now, one for each BERNINA dealership that I help out in . Each shop is holding a Rare Bear event, or as it is otherwise known.... a BEAR NINA event.  
I reached in my fabric cupboard and some "underwater" type fabrics fell out.... so one bear will be made of that.  I used my decorative stitches to add some swimming dolphins and the words, Keep Swimming and I love you
 The other bear, well, I've been saving, er hoarding these fabrics for years.  They are just happy.  So I pulled them out of my cupboard, and used them for my bear.... Here is his head...

.I can't wait to get them finished and stuffed.   As I am sewing, I think about the child who will get this bear.  It kind of warms your heart to do this.  
Ask at your BERNINA Dealer if they are holding a Rare Bear.  BEAR NiNA  event.   Even if they aren't you can still visit the Rare Science website and find out how to do it on your own.
Happy Sewing!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

monster upstairs and a monster downstairs....

It's a snow day.... I got up early anyway, and got busy.  
Project 1.... Finished my block for the Pat Sloan Winter Solstice Challenge

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

an oldie but a goodie

I finished the last of the 2 baby quilts for the twins.  There sat my BERNINA Q20 with nothing to quilt.  I went into my closet where I keep my quilts and pulled out this oldie but goodie.
 This is only part of it, I don't have a big enough space in my house to open it all up.  It's a Moda University Quilt Kit... I remember sending it out to have it "basted " by a long arm quilter, and starting to quilt it on my BERNINA 200....  The center is quilted, the first border is quilted.  Then it got put away.  I pulled it out... opened it up,   It was even too big for my Q20, so I put one of the leafs in it.... ( like we do at Thanksgiving when company comes).

I am using my rulers on the little four patch blocks, and doing free hand feathers in the large squares. All that is left to figure out is the 3 inch border around the outside... 
Quilting this "monster", is now fun, I have plenty of room to maneuver the quilt, it sews like a dream, and I'm not stopping every 3 inches or so to move the quilt or adjust it.  I love my BERNINA Q20. I'm glad I pulled this quilt out again, now I will finish it and enjoy the process.  

Sunday, February 5, 2017

hearts all around

 It's February, Groundhog Day is over, so it's time to get ready for Valentine's Day.... Thanks to the We All Sew website, I found this easy project.   Valentine Candy Box Mug Rug

I'm giving this with the I love you, mug to my future daughter in law, who loves mugs!  If you are just learning free motion quilting, this is a great project to practice on.  Choose a busy fabric, your mistakes won't show, and you will have an adorable gift.    I bought a heart shaped box of candy, found some valentine fabric in the back of the cupboard, and went to town.  If you don't have valentine fabric, use any red, pink, or purple fabric.  Anything will work just fine.
I did discover a new stitch on my machine... the triple straight stitch...
Here is a video on it from Heirloom creations.   As you see the machine sews over the stitch several times, which makes it stand out.  I used my #10 edge stitch foot to topstitch around the heart.  Then I chose a decorative stitch to kind of echo quilt.  I used my #34D foot for that stitching.  It's a clear foot that allows me to see what part of the stitch I am on when I need to turn a corner, or go around a curve.
This is the foot I used on this project.... 
Stay tuned to see that one.  Happy Sewing and Happy Super Bowl day

Friday, February 3, 2017

home again

I picked up my 780 Ahhh, so got busy this morning.
1.  Finished this boxy pouch from We All Sew

 I am going to make it again, but this time I will do the decorative stitching all along the top fabric.  I wasn't sure how this was going to all come together,  I like it, the pattern was new to me, so I had to pay attention to pictures and directions.  I want to do it again I like the shape.   Really love the fact that it is lined on the inside, no visible seams.

Once that was finished, I decided that it was time to make my bag for my spinning shoes.  I grabbed a bunch of threads, and a piece of white fabric.   I added a piece of heavyweight cut away stabilizer to put under it.  Anytime you use your decorative stitches, add a piece of stabilizer.  It helps your stitches lay nice and flat and look their best.

This is a bag from Terry Atkinson's new book. Simple Fun and Quickly Done.
I love Terry Atkinson books and patterns.  This bag is a drawstring bag.  I am going to piece the strip of decorative stitching with other fabrics to make the bag.  I'll make sure my finished size is the size she says, and then finish up the bag following her wonderful directions.  Stay tuned.... I'll post pictures when it is finished.  
Happy Sewing everyone.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

the little machine that could

  My 780 is still at the "spa".    Yes I wrote to my dealer to make sure it was ok, ( I felt like I was writing to my kids at camp).  I'm trying to get ready for lots of classes and events, all BERNINA related, so they have to be special.  I wasn't feeling good karma.....
Last night I tried to make my own pasta.... my pasta machine arrived.... this was the result...

I cleaned up the flour, put the machine back in the box... went into my BERNINA.  I wonder if I would do better if BERNINA made a pasta machine?  
My future daughter in law asked for some pink hats.  I can't say no to her, so sure I'll make 5 hats.  
I don't sew with fleece at all, I was a little worried about it.  My 550 sewed through it with no problem at all.  One hat took 5 minutes to sew, easy peasy.  

This morning I started working on a pouch I am making from the We all sew website....
That's what it looks like on the pattern,  I had to make it mine somehow.  
If I had my 780...... I started to think to myself.  Then I looked at my 550.  That machine has plenty of decorative stitches.  It has al the same functions, mirror image, pattern begin, pattern end, pattern repeat.... So I started playing
This is my pouch so far.

It's like eating potato chips, I can't stop stitching.  I find another stitch, and another stitch, and then gee, how can I combine them.... I get in the zone, it's calming, I just guide the fabric, I use my presser foot to keep it straight, but I let the machine do the work.  
 It sure is the little machine that could.
and yes, I finished my heart.... Not perfect, I learned a lot.  As you can see, my cat Phoebe loves it.