Tuesday, January 31, 2017

you got to have heart....... ❤️ ♥️ 💜 💙 💛 💗 💚 💖

I took a weekend off.  I went to Vermont to go to King Arthur's Flour pasta making class.
It's good sometimes to try new things.... I kept telling myself, knowing full well I was out of my comfort zone.  No BERNINA machines there, not even a spool of thread.... Some of us are meant to cook and some of us are meant to sew.... 
After the 3 hour class, I did have some pasta to take home... only one disaster, as my eggs escaped from the flour nest... but the instructors were wonderful and helped save the day.  
I knitted in the car, making a hat for my future daughter in law...... all the time missing my BERNINA machines,  
Finally this morning, I walked back in my sewing room and got busy.  Project 1.... the Scandinavian Heart project from We all Sew
Then I remembered my 780 is still being serviced.  Ahh, this is why I have 2, ( ok maybe 4 ) BERNINA sewing machines.  You need a backup... 

This is my BERNINA 550.  Talk about a workhorse.  Never moans or groans about anything.  I had to do some decorative stitching on this half a heart shape... I didn't even think about my 780, I just went to the menu of stitches on my 550 and picked one.  
Red side done.... now to do the white part.  
So good to be back with my BERNINA machines.  
Happy sewing everyone

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