Wednesday, January 25, 2017

today is the day

Today is the day, my 780 goes to the dealer for a cleaning, a tuning, a sensor replacement, and some TLC.   I hate when I have to do this, but I know it is the most important thing I can do for this machine if I want it to keep being there for me.

4 million stitches since I got her, 1 million since my last service.... back in July.  Yes, I go every 6 months.  I use my machine every day, I keep it as clean as I can, change the needle for each project, oil it when I hear it needs it, etc.   Nothing replaces a cleaning and tuning from a BERNINA technician.  Mine is going to Pins and Needles in Mt Kisco.  I know they appreciate how I feel about my machine.  I just hope he works fast.  :). Only kidding Tony, take your time.

While the 780 is gone, I do have lots to do.  Clean the sewing room, Reorganize projects.  Then I can pull out my BERNINA 550.   Yep, I have a back up machine, actually several!  
Do you miss your machine when it goes for a service?  Or am I the only one.... somehow I don't think I am.   It is important. When was the last time your machine went for a spa treatment?
Time to pack her up....
Happy sewing

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