Friday, January 20, 2017

Ta da....... almost

I finished quilting the first of 2 baby quilts.  ( twins).   My Q20 and I bonded quite nicely.  Giving it a days rest today and starting to quilt the second quilt tomorrow.

I did my binding this morning, all on machine.  My friend Debby Brown is trapped beneath piles of quilts waiting for binding.  Here is how I do my binding....   Pay attention Debby.....

I cut my strips 2 1/4 inches.  ( I like a full binding).  Sew them together, press in half.  I attach it to my quilt with 1/4 inch seam.... Once my ends are joined, then the magic starts.

 Yes, I get out my glue stick.  I keep it in my bowl with my Clover Wonder Clips.  It is an Elmer's washable School glue stick... Yes it washes out.
This is not a great picture... but you put a little glue on the binding, not on the quilt.  Then fold down the binding so it just covers the seam.  Press.  Then put a wonder clip to hold it in place.

I put my all time favorite foot.... number 10, the edge stitch foot.  I move my needle 3 clicks to the right, and line up the blade on the foot, with the edge of the quilt...  See how my blade is lined up with the white part... If you think of stitching in the ditch, the blade is against the "high" part of the seam.    Sew..... ( stop and check your back.  make sure it is being caught.  If not.... move the needle another click to the right).  

 Here is the front......
and here is the back!

Done.  Now if I was making an heirloom quilt, or a quilt going in a show to be judged... I'd hand sew, but for a baby quilt, that will be washed and loved and dragged around, this is a great way to do your binding.  
I just removed my blue marks, the quilt is in the dryer.  I'll post a picture later.  
Happy sewing1 

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