Friday, January 6, 2017

one more, two more, 3 more?

I was muttering to myself as I did the giraffe.  Somewhere in my pile of fabric, there is a scrap of giraffe fabric I had... could I find it, nope!  so I just followed the pattern, cutting out 13 giraffe spots and fusing them down,  ( now I'm glad I did).  I kept saying, I could have done the flamingo... he only has 2 pieces....

I know I'll start muttering again when I go to appliqué him down... I do think he is adorable.
So then I added a friend....

Every quilt needs a purple elephant.    Now comes the question.  Do I stop, or do I add more animals?
I don't like the spot above the giraffe's head...  If I follow the fabric... I can add a monkey, or a zebra,  Or I can just add whatever I want from the Safari pattern... 
I'd love any and all suggestions....   Thanks everyone!

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