Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My Cutting Table

  My friend Debby Brown is in the process of reorganizing her sewing room, and sharing the process on her blog.  It's fun to watch her progress, and really fun to see all of her projects that she "rediscovers" in the process.  Yesterday she posted about her cutting table, it was cleaned off!

 Debby Brown Quilts

So she inspired me to show my cutting area.  I have a counter, it is perfect size for a 24 by 36 inch cutting mat, though I rarely see the numbers from 22 to 36 on the mat, as it usually is covered up with assorted important items like fabric, patterns, etc.
Near the wall I keep some special things.

That little statue has been with me since I was born I think, or maybe before.  It was always in our house growing up.  He's been through some rough times, as he has been glued back together several times, even right now the head is a little loose, but he sits on my cutting table.  A little divine guidance never hearts.  The painting behind the statue was done by my friend Maureen.  We were really close friends at one time, but she moved to St. Louis, and we have lost touch.  She was a wonderful painter.  This was done on top of a calico fabric.    I know I tried it once....
Those strawberries were the only project that I kept.... I keep it near my cutting table to remind me that I can do hard things!
I have assorted boxes and bins to hold things I will need while using my cutting area.   It never stays neat.  Sometimes I wish it was bigger, but I'm happy to have a space.  Thank you Debby Brown for the inspiration!

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