Sunday, January 1, 2017

Meet my best friend

  I have started this blog as part of my dream, my dream to someday become a BERNINA ambassador.  I've heard you need a blog... so here is mine.
This blog will share my love of all things BERNINA.  
 Under this cover, is my BERNINA 780, yes, I made it a cover along with a tuffet pincushion to match.
and this is my newest BERNINA, the Q20... we are in the process of bonding. 
Yes, there are more, there is a serger, and 3 other sewing machines.  But right now these are my two best friends.  I call them my best friends because, like a real best friend, they are always there for me. Sure, they have their days when they are cranky, they have issues, but no matter how I am feeling, these machines will be there for me.  They help me create, they raise my spirits.  I've been a BERNINA lover since 1981 when I bought my first one, a 930.  I never looked back.  I hope you will enjoy hearing about my adventures with my BERNINA machines.  


  1. way to go, Roni! You have a goal and are working to make it happen. Can I do anything to help?

    1. Thanks Sally, I'm just taking a leap of faith here. If it is meant to be, it will happen, if not, oh well.