Thursday, January 5, 2017

it just needs something

It's pieced.... after 3 attempts.  I just couldn't get the placement of the colors quite right.  I know what it is, those two light fabrics... Yes I could have gone back to Quilt Basket to get more, but I was trying to make this work.   I think it needs something.  Something to make it pop.  If it was a quilt for an adult, I would just quilt it with lots of fancy schmancy quilting, but it's for a baby, who will be a toddler, then a kid, etc.  It needs to be fun.  

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite websites.... Shiny Happy World.   Last year I went through a period of making dolls.  I found this website.  She had dolls and clothes patterns, just adorable ones.  

I made this doll, ( they come with names), Poppy.  These are her clothes I made too.  Everything is packed carefully away just in case one day I have a grandchild.    Anyway, that's where I found Shiny Happy World and Wendi Gratz, the designer.   Not only does she have these great doll and stuffed toy patterns, she has quilt patterns.  

I had purchased this pattern, ( they come in PDF format).  so I am thinking... what if I add a giraffe to the center block, maybe an elephant or a monkey here or there.  
then I am thinking... I can add a few animals to the second quilt I need to make.  
I love these designs, they are simple, but fun.  
Wendi has lots of tutorials on how to use her patterns, how to machine appliqué, how to quilt as you go, etc.   And my favorite part... she is a BERNINA user.  

Stay tuned.  I'm off to the jungle to go on Safari!  
Happy Sewing

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