Tuesday, January 24, 2017

how do your flowers grow....

  I am working on my double wedding ring quilt.... the center is done, but I decided to add an appliqué border.  I used Quiltsmart interfacing for the ring part, so I have this built in border, which is perfect for adding appliqué

If you have never used Quiltsmart interfacing,  it is a wonderful product.  It is preprinted fusible interfacing.  I was going to trace my own flowers, for the border, but when I found this preprinted panel of flowers, flower centers and leaves, I ordered it.  Here is how you use it.  
Cut apart your panel into sections....
These are the leaves.  Each leaf has a solid line for sewing, and a dotted line for cutting

I set up my machine, I lower my presser foot pressure, to about 40.  Makes it easier to sew the interfacing.  Then I lower my stitch length to 1.85,  just a tighter stitch so it will be secure.  
I put my preprinted piece on the right side of my fabric. the fusible side is against the fabric. I sew around the shape,   I cut on the dotted line, on these flowers I needed to clip in the curves.  Then I made a small snip just in the interfacing, near the center of the flower.  I use my hemostat tool to turn it inside out.  

Slowly and carefully, turn it inside out.  I use a point turner to gently work out the edges
and there is my flower.... 
ready to be fused and appliquéd to the quilt top.  

I use this stitch, 1331 to appliqué it to the quilt top. 
Check out the Quiltsmart website.... Quiltsmart preprinted interfacing

I wrote a tutorial about how to do the double wedding ring with the quiltsmart interfacing.  You can find that here.  
I'm sure your local quilt shop would be happy to order this for you.
Happy Sewing

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