Thursday, January 19, 2017

hold my head up high again

 I am doing the Pat Sloan, Winter Solstice Quilt Along.  Each Wednesday Pat posts a set of block directions online.  When I saw this block yesterday I was excited as I got to do machine applique.  I saw many other people put things inside their basket, some used special fabrics, other put buttons, etc.   I pondered yesterday about how to do it.
This is what I came up with....

I used stitch 1330 on my 780, the double blanket stitch, and chose my favorite thread for that stitch Cotona.  It is 100% cotton, but on the thicker side.  It almost makes your work look like it's done by hand.  So once the basket was done, the question was, what to put in the basket.  I decided the best thing you can put in a basket is love.  I found the satin stitch heart stitch, used the combination repeat function....
I touched the function icon once, a number 1 went in the space where the x is.... I lined up the stitch and held my breath.  It did one heart.  Just like I wanted.   
I love this machine!  

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